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Higher quality of life through cutting-edge pain and prevention solutions

Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.” It’s a concept that prioritizes living life to the fullest. We keep these principles in focus when helping our clients design a full and healthy life.
Services we offer

Cutting edge services

Ground breaking technologies from around the world combined with our unique protocols and treatments to offer you an integrative and synergistic approach to health and healing
PÜR Scan
A non-invasive assessment and monitoring tool for estimating lifestyle and health risk factors, monitoring the benefits of care protocols and preventing progression of disease.
PÜR Sound Therapy
This service, which uses cutting-edge technology, will enhance your cell reproduction, allowing you to live without ongoing pain. Can can also reverse or heal the effects of various health problems caused by aging and disease by stimulating troubled areas with sound waves to boost cell regeneration efficiency.
Our unique mixtures of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and IV fluids are administered directly into the bloodstream, providing your cells with immediate access to the nutrients needed for recovery.
PÜR Nutrition & Supplements
Our team of researchers, master formulators, and physicians have painstakingly crafted a supplement line that provides the best nutritional support for our patients.
PÜR Blood Work
Based on the immediate results of the PÜR LIFE CORE TESTS the physician may order custom lab work for more in-depth health insights.
PÜR Red Light Therapy
Light therapy that helps skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body heal and to aid in weight loss.
PÜR Bioenergetic microcurrent
Pain relief and rapid healing using neural electro stimulation.
PÜR Weight release
The ultimate, affordable system, for rapid, natural and safe, weight loss. Combined with DNA testing, this weight release system strategically triggers the brain to release  and burn stored fat in your body.
PÜR Regenerative Medicine
New treatments to heal tissues and restore function loss due to aging, disease, damage, or defects.
PÜR Hormone Therapy
Providing testing and solutions for low sex drive, menopause, lack of energy and interest in life, erectile dysfunction, or other hormone-related issues.

Committed to providing easily accessible health & wellness therapies

We take a different approach at PÜR LIFE Medical. We focus on identifying and restoring your proper cell and system functions to assist your body in healing itself.
Mental wellness
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”
Pain prevention and management
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”
Emotional health
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”
Anti aging treatments
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”
Non invasive weight release system
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”
Physical wellness
Our name is inspired by “Pura Vida,”–– a phrase native to Costa Rica meaning “pure life.”

PÜR Life medical has rapid expansion across all territories

As the United States spends significantly more on healthcare than other countries, the market is at a tipping point for a flood of consumers demanding affordable preventative care.
What others are saying

“After 30 years of representing hundreds of franchises, I’ve only seen a couple move as fast and open franchises as quickly as PÜR LIFE. Territories are being claimed quickly.”

DAN olsen

Physicians Are Excited to Improve Patient Health beyond Traditional Medicine

“The first time I met John, I thought I needed knee surgery. I was having trouble walking on the beach and it was really irritating.

We got together and John said, ‘Let me show you.’ I’m a doctor, so naturally I was skeptical. After about 60 minutes, my knee didn’t hurt anymore, and I’m running up and down the hallway. Then I went to Italy for 10 days and no pain. I was walking 10 miles a day. No pain. I became a huge fan. You should check it out!”
Physician, founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD, double board-certified psychiatrist.
“Standard of care medicine has fallen short in caring for these patients, which has led to chronic opioid dependence. Patients are seeking other care options because of this; therefore, it is a great time to be a part of PÜR LIFE Medical.

I am so excited for future advances in care that provide patients the opportunity to improve their overall health! Patient care cannot be fragmented; it must be managed completely. I believe that PÜR LIFE Medical provides that opportunity for them, and I am proud to be a part of this progressive care.”
Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. In practice for over 20 years

Providing ground breaking treatments!

PÜR LIFE Medical is committed to providing easily accessible health & wellness therapies to those in pain who haven't found solutions through traditional methods and for those seeking to proactively maintain or improve their health as a preventative measure.
What others are saying
“We know the people of Utah value choice in their medical care options. We provide ground breaking technologies and unique treatments for chronic pain, diabetes and neuropathy, joint issues, sexual dysfunction, weight issues, low energy, and many other disorders. We offer under one roof what no one else does. We are proud to provide Utahns a wide variety of effective and innovative treatment options that they directly control.”
jeff and shannon fox
Franchise Owners, PÜR LIFE Medical in Utah

PÜR Life is backed by the experience of franchise masters

Enjoy higher quality of life through cutting-edge pain and prevention solutions as an alternative to traditional medicine
+100 years
Team franchise experience
+100 franchises
Team franchise experience
Team franchise experience
Helped launch Massage Envy’s master franchise model resulting in $1.3B in sales
Grew haircare brand into world largest haircare franchise with 1,300 locations
Helped launch the fastest growing new franchise company in the US for two years in a row

Not just the ROI.
You’re improving lives

As the owner of a PÜR LIFE Medical franchise, you can take pride in not only the financial success it brings to your bottom line, but also in the positive impact it has on the lives of others. Your franchise has the potential to make a real difference in the community and to the individuals it serves.
Residual Income Opportunity
Very Low Overhead to Operate
Multiple Income Source Potential
Quickest Way To Financial Freedom
No Medical Experience Required as Owner
Pandemic And Recession Resistant
High Employee Retention
Changing People’s Lives
Franchise owners

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